Stages of Grief After Divorce For Men

stages of grief after divorce
Every loss in our life has a corresponding set of emotions you must go through to be free of this loss. This is called the cycle of grief and we suffer it for the loss of small items of importance, the loss of loved ones, and of course the loss of our marriages.

The stages of Grief for men after divorce are:

  • Denial - This is where we simply don’t believe this is real, we believe our wife will come back, we believe this is a misunderstanding perhaps and things can be put right if we wait, or try hard enough.
  • Anger - Once we realise this is real and denial fades he natural reaction is anger. Anger at the loss, anger at the betrayal, anger at yourself. This is one of the more damaging stages, but luckily it is often the most brief.
  • Bargaining -  Once we realise anger and rage do not solve anything comes the bargaining. We will do ANYTHING to bring our lives back to what it once was. Calling our ex, making promises to her, to god, to anyone!
  • Depression - Once we realise that we cannot make a deal in any way. The truth finally sinks in that it is here to stay, we have a new way of life and the old one is gone. This is very sad to the point of depression for most guys. This stage can last a long time or a short time - the longer it lasts the more difficult it is to move on.
  • Acceptance - Finally we can break free fo the last stage and accept this new life. This comes also with forgiveness and can lead you to a much better and happier place.